Musical Artists Theatre
Rags To Riches
Gertrude, Cooper, Dooley, Montgomery
J. Boales, D. Leisure, M. Krysztofiak, J. Kimmell
Officer Dooley, Flossie
M. Krysztofiak, T. Krysztofiak
Flora, Flossie, Charlie
R. Hulett, T. Krysztofiak, J. Kimmell
Flora, Gertrude, Montgomer, Miss Brown, Ned
R. Hulett, J. Boales, J. Kimmell, P. Penn, R. Proctor
Flossie, Gertrude
T. Krysztofiak, J. Boales
Miss Brown, Officer Dooley, Ned
P. Penn, M. Krysztofiak, R. Proctor
R. Hulett
The Entire Cast of
Rags To Riches