Music by Douglas Yetter
Book and Lyrics by Michael Hulett
Based on the Novel by Bram Stoker
  â€œWelcome to my house. Enter freely and of
your own will.� These eerie words of invitation
begin Musical Artists Theatre’s production of
Dracula: The Musical. It’s an ambitious
production, an original musical adaptation of Bram
Stoker’s classic novel about the Transylvanian
count who drinks human blood. The musical
succeeds grandly, with a voluptuous musical score,
witty dialogue and nimble lyrics and some stunningly
good performances.

   What follows is a chilling tour through a familiar
horror story. The script is well paced, with tension
and suspense relieved by well-calculated humor. Itâ
€™s a show with a great deal more emotional
breadth than many musicals, including horror,
suspense and humor. Here too are love at its most
tender and loyal; human frailty and shame; the
eroticism of the vampire’s allure and the cold
viciousness of predation.

   Technically, the play is finely staged. The studio
theater’s small space draws the audience into the
drama. The score is perfectly suited to the gothic
tale. Lighting and sound effects marry with the
mood. The costumes are elaborate and authentic. The
spare staging admirably translates a story that sweeps
across continents onto a small stage. Musical Artists
Theatre has brought to life yet another work of
original drama that’s well worth seeing."

Review by April Falcon Doss, Bay Weekly
Robin Chapin as Count Dracula, Peggy Dorsey as Mina Murray