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These are actual unsolicited comments from parents of
children who have attended our camp.
"I wanted to send a thank you note for all that you and your team did at the Key summer
camp this summer. My son thrived, absolutely thrived during the camp, and has really
come out of his shell as he entered first grade  Every now and then I see the theater
training come out in his little dance, facial expression, or songs in the back seat of the
car. It is heart-melting for a mom who carried a child through a very difficult family
struggle three years ago, events that sent him into an anxious and worried mind-set. The
camp was spot on for what we needed, and to see him go from being too shy to enter the
room, to singing and dancing on stage was transforming for both of us.
You are magic-
 I have long been a fan and devotee of arts and performing arts in particular.
Thank you for what you do every day to keep the arts alive and well in children. It is
critical to our culture and society, and you do make a difference with your work. We look
forward to seeing you next summer for sure. If I could sign him up today, I would!"

"Bravo!  We all agree it is the best theatre camp any of our children have ever attended.
Halfway through the camp both girls were asking if they could do the camp next year. The
show was great, and we can't believe how much the girls learned and accomplished in two
weeks. See you next summer!"

"I cannot say enough positive things about this wonderful camp experience! When I signed
my 6-year old daughter up for the camp, I really knew nothing about the program, other
than the information posted on the website. It sounded fun, and I knew my daughter would
like the stage time, but this camp exceeded every hope and expectation I had! Kate felt like
a big kid, running from class to class every day, and felt very important creating her own
costumes and sets! What a great confidence boost the program is! And the caliber of the
performances – from Day 1! – from kids ages 6 to 15 with differing skill sets and
experience levels, just absolutely blew me away! Kate LOVED IT!!! Starting the second
week, every afternoon at pickup, we would hear, “I get to do this again next year, right?!”
- and then she promptly fell sound asleep in the car. We’ll see you all next July!"

"I just wanted to thank you and commend you on a wonderful program. I had heard many
great things about this camp and was thrilled to enroll my daughter this summer. I have to
say we have done numerous summer camps in the past 4 years and this was by far the best
camp. Sometimes I prefer a camp and my daughter prefers another and this was also in
total agreement this summer, hers and our favorite!! We look forward to next year!"

"Stella had so much fun at camp this summer. Thank you for the second chance at an
incredible experience!"

"You were all wonderful!  Thank you so much."

"Wonderful experience. First time camper. Enjoyed all the sessions & timeframes. Thanks
for the effort to put on a terrific show. Also liked that the kids came out of the gate (first
day) with some great dance/song routines."

"Brennan & Leo have had
such fun."

"Thanks for offering such a great opportunity to Geneva.  She loved it!!"

"Thank you.  Awesome job!"

"Great choreography for each group's ability. Wonderful song selection -- very fun.  Fun

"I was very impressed with all of you & the hard work & dedication.  You deserve huge

"Thanks for a fantastic 2 weeks!"

"Professionalism & quality of the staff.  Kids were working with those who could really
give them an authentic taste of what Showbiz is all about."

"My child felt comfortable and welcomed, supported and connected. Arielle was
great. She
was a fabulous counselor from the first minute we entered, and Kateri was nervous."

"Great performance, esp. considering they only had 2 weeks to prepare. Thank you -- she
loved it!"

"My daughter was impressed by the camaraderie established and energy level of the camp."

"Kids have a blast -- that's why we come back. This is the 4th year."

"The fun happens in small groups, and there are
no stars! Everyone is a star * !  Thank
you for a fabulous experience.  We hope to return next summer!"

"Amazing what you can accomplish in 2 weeks!! Excellent show! Brooke loves everything!
Great job! Keep up the great work!!"